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Lake Michigan Leads PBL Teams in Player Advancements

List of all Admirals that have advanced Overseas:


Lake Michigan Leads PBL Teams in Player Advancements
Rodney Alexander: Iceland, Mexico, Venezuela, Israel
Rodney Alexander
Colby Batiste: Bank of Taiwan (Taiwan), Yulon Luxgen (Taiwan)
Colby Batiste Collage
Odgra Bobo: Al Karkh (Iraq), Al Fateh (Saudi Arabia), Al Nift (Iraq), Al Qadisiya (Saudi Arabia)
BoBo China
James Booyer: Ft. Wayne Mad Ants, Guaiqueries (Venezuela)
James Booyer
Cliff Dixon: Vivo Franca (Brazil), Guerreros (Mexico)
Cliff Dixon
Jeffrey Ferguson: Zanjan (Iran)
Lester Ferguson: Savaca (Dominican Republic), Al Suleikh (Iraq), Itzehoe (Germany)
Lester Ferguson
Nick Freer: London Lions (United Kingdom), Surrey United (United Kingdom), Langen (Germany)
Nick Freer Collage Final
Antonio Griffin: Berlin (Germany)
Alexander Harrington: Al Shabab (Kuwait)
Alexander Harrington Collage
Jason Jamerson: IRT Tanger (Morocco)
Brad Kanis: Al Jalaa (Syria), Capitol (Uruguay), Trouville (Uruguay), Besa (Uruguay), CRA Hoceima (Morocco)
Dominick Melton: Prov. Llanq. (Chile), Bramsche TuS (Germany), Sutjeska (Bosnia), Chabab Rif Al Hoceima (Morocco)
Jermaine Middleton: Harlem Globetrotters
Jermaine Middleton Collage
Paige Paulsen: Penas Huesca (Spain)
Greg Plater: Coopenae USJ (Costa Rica), Liepaja/Triobet (Latvia), Kaspiy Aktau (Kazakhstan)
Greg Plater collage
Winston Robinson: Suncoast Clippers (Australia), Gustarosso Sarno Basket (Italy)
Garrett Schmidt: Amsterdam (Holland)
Garrett Schmidt Collage
Tyc Snow: Maine Red Claws (D-League), Erie BayHawks (D-League)
Shane Thorson: Quimsa (Argentina), Gansos (Mexico)
Pete Trammell: Uusimaa (Finland)
Pete Trammell collage
Jason Underwood: America (Brazil), Plaza (Uruguay)
Florentino Valencia: Mayaguez (Puerto Rico), Vaqueros De Bayamon (Puerto Rico)
Florentino Valencia Collage
Desmond Wade: Brampton A’s (Canada)
Walter Waters: Osorno Basq. (Chile)
Allen White: Craigieburn E. (Australia)
Kwan Waller: (Mexico), (England)
Shimeek Johnson: (Mexico)
Eladio Espinosa: Titanes DN (Dominican Republic)
Eladio Espinosa Collage
Stan Simpson: (Mexico), Al Hilla (Iraq), Kangoeroes Basket Willebroek (Belgium)
Stan Simpson Collage
Shane Ross: Perry Lakes (Australia), Canada
Shane Ross Collage
Kahlil McDonald: Suncoast Clippers (Australia), Nidaros Jets (Norway)
Khalil McDonald collage
Hamidu Rahman: (Mexico), Sigal Prishtina (Kosovo), Gussing (Austria), Inter Bratislava (Slovakia), Societta Milano (Italy)
Hamidu Rahman collage
Gary Ware: Liege (Belgium), Denain (France), St. Polten (Austria), Furstenfeld (Austria)
Gary Ware collage
Waki Williams: Issa Town (Bahrain), Ghazat Hash. (Jordan)
Waki Williams collage
Kenny Brown: (El Salvador), Al Hilla (Iraq), Tiburones Bancentro (Nicaragua) 
Kenny Brown Collage
Desmond Blue: Ghazat Hash. (Jordan), Mongolia
Desmond Blue collage
Jaywuan Hill: Dagenham Dragons (England), Cojute (El Salvador)
Jaywuan Hill collage
Ray Lester: Westminster (England)
Travis Schubba: Washington Generals/Harlem Globetrotters
Graciano Negron: Puerto Rico
Nicholas Waddell: La Union Colon (Argentina)
Nicholas Waddell Collage
Troy Franklin Jr.: Team FOG Naestved (Denmark)
Troy Franklin Jr. Collage
Josh Glisson: China, Mexico, Ireland
Josh Glisson Collage
Timothy Johnson Jr.: Surrey Scorchers (England)
Timothy Johnson Jr. Collage
Scotty Hendricks: Tees Valley Mohawks (England)
Elzie Bibbs: S. Oliver Baskets Wurzburg (Germany)
Troy Taylor: Moncton Miracles (Canada)
Troy Taylor collage
Logan Lyle: (Australia)
Logan Lyle Collage


China Tour 2010:


Steve Strong

Josh Glisson

Larry Logan

Jontee Willhite

Eddie Spencer

Brandon Ball

Shane Ross

Garrett Schmidt

Pete Trammell

Odgra Bobo

Antonio Griffin

Dominick Melton

Gus Chase

Walter Stith

Gary Ware

Allen White


Ireland Tour 2014:


Dominque Higgins

Jerome Odem

Josh Glisson

Odgra Bobo - Signed with Al Nift (Iraq)

Antonio Griffin - Signed with 

Jaywuan Hill - Signed with the Dagenham Dragons

Nate Barfield

Antoine Herron


England Tour 2014

Rashad Callaway

Jerome Odem

Reggie Groves

Travis Schuba

Ray Lester

Nicholas Waddell

Nate Barfield

Bob Wegner


Spain Tour 2015:


Michael MacKelvie

Scotty Hendricks

Isaac Lange

Jerome Odem

Elzie Bibbs

Logan Lyle

Joshua Johnson

Jon Graham


England Tour 2015:


Michael MacKelvie

Scotty Hendricks

Isaac Lange

Jerome Odem

Elzie Bibbs

Logan Lyle

Joshua Johnson

Jon Graham



Lake Michigan Leads PBL Teams in Player Advancements
by Anthony Weihofen posted 04/10/2014


Chicago, IL- The Lake Michigan Admirals (6-12) finished the season third in the Midwest division, sixth in the league but first in most players signed to the next level of basketball.

Admirals’ owner Chris Glisson had nine players get signed to overseas contracts this season.

Odgra Bobo was a guard for Lake Michigan this year before he was signed to play for Al Karkh in Iraq back in February. He averaged 20 points per game for seven games with the Admirals this year, but showed he could do more than just score.

Bobo was an all-around star player for the Admirals. He contributed to teammates baskets with 63 assists, had 67 rebounds and 10 steals.

Another important player to the Admirals organization was Kahlil McDonald. McDonald was with the Admirals this season longer than any other player who signed overseas before he left to play in Australia.

McDonald played 13 games with the Admirals and made quite a name for himself amongst the people in St. Joseph, Michigan. He averaged almost 11 points per game, had 34 assists, 29 rebounds and 12 steals.

Lester Ferguson and Hamidu Rahman also played double-digit games for the Admirals this season. Ferguson was signed to a league in the Dominican Republic, but before he did he played in 11 games with the Admirals scoring 7.5 points per game, eight assists and 37 rebounds.

In 10 games Rahman averaged 9.7 points per game, 12 assists and 42 rebounds before he left to play professional basketball in Mexico.

Eladio Espinosa was the second player from Lake Michigan to get signed to the Dominican Republic. In seven games he scored 8.7 points per game but was most notorious for his 59 rebounds.

Stan Simpson and Florentino Valencia were a couple more players Admiral fans would have liked to see stick around longer.

Valencia left to go play in Puerto Rico after playing five games with the Admirals, averaging a whopping 14.8 points per game. His 34 total rebounds and seven steals showed he was a well-rounded player that could have made a strong impact for Lake Michigan down the stretch of the season.

Simpson averaged 14 points in three games with the Admirals before he left for Mexico.

Desmond Wade played five games and averaged 3.8 points per game before leaving for Canada, and Waki Williams played four games averaging a point-and-a-half per game before he was signed to play for Bahrain.

As much as an owner doesn’t want to see some of his best players leave, Glisson has brought quality basketball to St. Joseph, Michigan and helped these young gentlemen move on to get closer to reach their dreams of making it to the NBA.